Wednesday, January 28, 2009

John Updike - Rest in Peace

The literary world has received the sad news of the passing of John Updike.
A two time Pulitzer Prize winner for his Rabbit series of novels, Updike has long been consider one of North America's top contemporary writers.

Perhaps most widely known for the Witches of Eastwick, his body of work is impressive and he was still producing vital work. His most recent novel, the Widows of Eastwick, was just published in 2008.

Certainly this is a big loss for the literary world.

To quote Ian McEwan: He was a modern master, a colossal figure in American letters, the finest writer working in English. He dazzled us with his interests and intellectual curiosity, and he turned a beautiful sentence. Religion, sex, science, urban decay, small-town life, the life of the heart, the betrayals – who can follow him? Updike gave the impression he had a lot more writing to do. We are all the poorer now.

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