Thursday, December 10, 2009

Writing on the Fly - Jon Tattrie

Local author and journalist Jon Tattrie is embarking on an exciting new writing project.

Jon is going to hang out at the Halifax Stanfield International Airport with pen in hand (or laptop) and compose a short story in public as busy travelers come and go. Jon will let his muse be directed by the encounters and conversations he has with the variety of people who stop by to say hello and share something of themselves.

(photo: Darren Pittman/Chronicle-Herald)

What a wonderful way reach out and connect with people at this hectic time of year (especially at the airport). Lets hope that the weather and the airlines cooperates and travelers are in a festive spirit. Or maybe not. Perhaps disgruntled travelers will make for a more intriguing story?

Jon's short story will be posted on the airport website on Dec. 23rd.

Good luck Jon!

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