Wednesday, December 29, 2010

More New Fiction - Titles You Might Have Missed

In yesterday's post, I made a note of a few new novels that have quietly arrived in the library (and on book store shelves) without a lot a fanfare... sort of an antidote to the year end best lists of books that have been getting lots of hype. These are the ones that you might not hear discussed around the water cooler at work, but which you might well enjoy if you do come across them. I was having so much fun with yesterday's post, that I couldn't quite stop myself: so today we've got a post looking at some more under the radar new picks.

My Other Women by Pauline Carey

This one was actually released last May, but coming from a small press, there is a good chance you haven't already encountered it. From the back cover "Andrea Demot is a gifted, determined young actress who creates a life and career for herself in the wave of theatrical innovation that erupted in Toronto in the 1960's. Believing that an artist with ambition must guard her independence, Andrea chooses to avoid marriage, but she can't ignore love..." A story of friendship, ambition, feminism and love from first time novelist with first hand experience in the Canadian theatre world.

The Wrong Blood by Manuel De Lope

Historical Fiction translated from Spanish. The novel begins in the Spanish Civil War in a small Basque community where two women, pregnant and alone, share a secret. Fifty years later, the grandson of one of these women arrives in the town only to stir up some of the mysteries and memories that have been long hidden. Library Journal said of the book "De Lope is a masterly writer, constructing a shadowy architecture to house his expansive prose, intertwining plotlines, and themes of misfortune, solitude, and memory. Highly evocative of time and place, this resonant work will linger in readers' minds. "

The Typist by Michael Knight

From the library catalogue: " Assigned to post-World War II Japan in the first year of the occupation, military typist Van finds his distinctly Western values tested by the Communist culture, his duties as a babysitter for General MacArthur's son and startling news from his young war bride." Previous works from this author include: Dogfight and other stories and The Holiday Season.

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