Thursday, December 3, 2009


Are e-readers set to become all the rage in Canada?

With the Canadian release of Amazon's Kindle, attention on e-readers is reaching a fever pitch.

The Globe and Mail recently posted a couple of good articles on the topic, one by Douglas Hunter praising the e-book. Another by Ian Brown, as he shared his impressions of the Kindle.

Mark Medley of the National Post, (which is available on the Kindle) also shares his experiences with the new Kindle.

The Wall Street Journal has also weighed in, with a good overview article of the different e-readers available.

I have recently helped a few patrons at our library with their Sony e-readers. These early adopters seem to really enjoy them a lot. These patrons also love our Overdrive downloadable audio service.

I must admit that I am intrigued by the ideas of being able carry around so many of my favourite books all the time. But, I am also reluctant to let go of the tactile and visual comfort of the book. Maybe the idea is that I am supposed to have both, sort of like my record/cd collection and my mp3s?

Anybody out there a recent convert?

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  1. I have the Sony reader and I love it! It has allowed me to read many more books than before. I still buy my favourites and I use the library for book paper and audio books, but the e-books are much easier to store :-). They take up less room on my bookshelves and that means I can get even more!