Thursday, December 16, 2010

Best Book Covers of 2010

I love browsing book displays, both at the library and at bookstores. It can be kind of like an art show. A great cover is often what gets me curious enough about a book to pick it up and read a page or two.

Quill and Quire has just released their picks for the best covers of the year. Perhaps one of the covers will intrigue you to take a closer look?
I liked four out of five of the covers. For some reason John Gould's cover just doesn't grab me.

Take a look and also check out Q&Q's design comments.

Kenk: a graphic portrait

by Richard Poplak (Pop Sandbox)
Cover design by Nick Marinkovich, Alex Jansen, and Jason Gilmore

Seven Good Reasons Not to Be Good
by John Gould (HarperCollins Canada)
Cover design by David Gee

Cigar Box Banjo: notes on music and life

by Paul Quarrington (Greystone Books)
Cover design by Heather Pringle

by Alissa York (Random House Canada)
Cover design by Jennifer Lum

Goya’s Dog
by Damian Tarnopolsky (Penguin Canada)
Cover design by David Gee

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