Sunday, October 30, 2011

Scary Love - Paranormal Romances

Looking for a good romance to read this Halloween? Why not checkout one these hot paranormal romance titles from a few of our local star authors, all members of the Romance Writers of Atlantic Canada.

Dark Harmony (M)
by Lilly Cain

"Running from a lover that has twisted her very nature, Lena Townsend hunts on her own. Lena has been the object of many desires. Now she is all too aware that being an obsession can be deadly. Her mildly adventurous sexual life reached its pinnacle, and its end, when she met sexually dominant vampire Darien. He stole her life, and used her sensual nature to bend her to his will. In making her his own, he placed her in a position where she must constantly submit to him, yet be dominant to his pack. It's a conflict that pulls her apart." - Publisher

Sweet and Spicy Spells (M)
by Christine D'Abo and Renee Field

Kisha hasn't been able to cast a single correct spell. Not a good thing when you're a witch. Kisha has two days to master her powers and Foster is the wizard who's been sent to help. To kick-start her system, Kisha has to discover the uninhibited joys of orgasms, and Foster is more than happy to use his "wand" for the task.Priscilla is perfect - tall, busty and beautiful. All Hallow's Eve coincides with the annual Cauldron Cup where Priscilla has to defend her title. What she isn't expecting is Zack Kane to zap back into her life after five years. Passion flares as spells and clothing fly.When the siblings uncover a plot to assassinate the members of the witch council, they must put their differences aside to save the council...and themselves." Publisher

Indulgent: an external pleasure novel (M)
by Cathryn Fox

"Lily has always kept her magic hidden, haunted as she is by the annihilation of her lineage. But when she's stalked by two handsome empaths responsible for the destruction, she knows she should fear them. Instead, she's developing dangerous, uncontrollable, and inexplicable desires for both of them."--Fantastic Fiction


  1. Hail to three fantastic ladies and authors! Great stuff!

  2. Thanks so much for profiling us Atlantic Romance Writers. We are always thrilled to be featured on the Halifax Public Library.