Thursday, October 7, 2010

Murder 101 mystery series by Maggie Barbieri

Mystery, romance and humour.

If these tags are appealing to you as a reader, then you'll probably enjoy reading about the adventures of Alison Bergeron, a NY state college professor and the lead character of The Murder 101 series by Maggie Barbieri.

Alison teaches English at St. Thomas College. Recently divorced, she just needs some peace and quiet, some time to recharge her batteries. Due to no fault of her own, Alison's path keeps crossing with Detective Bobby Crawford. It is as if fate wants them together. But is a former alter boy, completely devoted to his job and justice, the right guy for Alison?

The series started with Murder 101 and is now five titles strong, with Third Degree being released just last year.

btw, Kristin Davis of Sex in the City fame has optioned the series for television.

Library Journal suggests that fans of Susan Kendal's Cece Caruso series are likely candidates to enjoy this series.

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