Monday, September 14, 2009

Author Reading - Soren Bondrup-Nielsen

Soren Bondrup -Neilsen will be reading at
the Keshen Goodman Public Library,
Wednesday, September 16th, 7:00 p.m.
All are Welcome!

Please join us in hosting local author Soren Bondrup-Neilsen at our library.

Here is a great description of Soren's latest book, A Sound Like Water Dripping, from his publisher Gaspereau Press :

"Bondrup-Nielsen’s inquiring mind and passion for both winter and the outdoors bring an infectious sense of adventure to his fieldwork. His studies are punctuated by close encounters with coyotes, bears and a moose, glimpses of the Aurora Borealis, first love and self-discovery. With some of the author’s original journal entries, notes and sketches, A Sound Like Water Dripping captures the beginning of what continues to be a committed and inspiring dedication to the study of ecology."

Soren Bondrup-Nielsen was born in
Denmark and at thirteen immigrated to Canada with his family. He is currently a professor in the Biology Department at Acadia University where he teaches Ecology and Conservation Biology. He is the author of a memoir, Winter On Diamond.

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