Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dylan Thomas Prize for Young Writers

Canadian/ New Zealander author Eleanor Catton is among the wealth of international young talent comprising this year's longlist for the Dylan Thomas Prize for Young Writers. This prize is awarded to the best eligible published or produced literary work in the English language, written by an author under 30.

The Rehersal by Eleanor Catton, a beguiling "coming of age" story, is described as such; "This astonishing debut novel from young New Zealander Eleanor Catton is a cause for surprise and celebration: smart, playful and self-possessed, it has the glitter and mystery of the true literary original. Though its impulses and methods can only be called experimental, the prose is so arresting, the storytelling so seductive, that wherever the book falls open it's near-impossible to put down." The Guardian

Also among the nominated:

Karan Mahajan - Family Planning

"The patriarch of a chaotic family living in a hectic land must come to terms with himself and what he's wrought at home and at work in this excellent debut. Rakesh Ahuja battles the twin bedlams of his sprawling family and overcrowded home city of New Delhi while simultaneously trying to save his career as the minister of urban development. Rakesh attempts to manipulate and cajole his way through the corrupt and sometimes illogical Indian civil service, often finding himself embroiled in absurd intrigues. Home is no less fraught, where his 13 children battle each other for their often-absent father's love... Mahajan's effortless blending of comedy and tragedy is irresistible and should help his book stand out" - Publisher's Weekly

Ali Shaw - The Girl with Glass Feet

"Combining magic realism, the conventions of a romance novel, and a British sense of practicality, this charming first novel creates a new fable. After visiting a family friend on a remote island, Ida Maclaird finds herself strangely and literally turning to glass. When she returns to try and find the mysterious scientist who may have an answer, she stumbles on old love triangles and Midas, a lonely young man trying to find a way to heal his own mysterious pains. As Ida and Midas try to unravel mysteries from the past generations, they also try to unravel the mystery of Ida's affliction and slowly find a connection to each other." - Booklist

Click here for the full longlist.

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