Sunday, June 27, 2010

Peter Temple - Aussie Crime Fiction

Australian author Peter Temple has just won the Miles Franklin Award. He is first ever crime fiction writer to win Australia's top literary prize. This is high praise indeed. If you are looking for a new hardboiled crime fiction reading experience, Temple may be the perfect choice?

Peter Temple is not overly well known in North America. He was first published in 1996, beginning with with Bad Debts, the first of his Jack Irish novels, for which he won the Ned Kelly Award for Best First Novel ( Australia). He now has nine novels under his belt, with the most recent being Truth.

Critics praise his strong writing talent and engrossing plots:

"Temple spins a complex and powerful story [Truth] with writing so top-notch that readers might be tempted to slow down and savor the prose if the plot line weren't so compelling" ~ Library Journal.

""The Broken Shore" offers both poetry and gore, and it's best if you have a taste for both. Having read the new novels of Michael Connelly and Martin Cruz Smith, I have to say that Temple belongs in their company. Australia is a long way off, but this bloke is world-class" ~ Washington Post.

So if you like your crime fiction on the gritty and violent side, matched with a modern and edgy writing style, do yourself a favour and check out Peter Temple.

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