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Adrenaline Fiction - Five Hot Titles

What the heck is Adrenaline fiction?

Here is what famed RA educator Joyce Saricks has to say:

"Adrenaline genres appeal to readers who appreciate intricately detailed stories told at a pace that moves almost more quickly than they can turn pages. Pacing is the most important element: it engages readers from the first and offers multiple plot twists that keep them on the edge chairs."

Adrenaline fiction includes books from the genres of Thrillers, Adventure, Suspense and Romantic Suspense.

Listed below are five recent top notch adrenaline fiction titles for your consideration. These reading suggestions are from the 2011 edition of The Reading List, sponsored by The American Library Association.

Steinhauer's novel, The Nearest Exit was selected as the year's best example of adrenaline fiction. The remaining novels are the honourable mentions.


The Nearest Exit, by Olen Steinhauer

"...a dazzling, dizzyingly complex world of clandestine warfare that is complicated further by the affairs of the heart. Steinhauer never forgets the human lives at stake, and that, perhaps, is the now-older Weaver's flaw: he is too human, too attached, to be the perfect spy. His failure to save the girl he was told to kill threads the whole book like barbed wire." - Booklist

" extraordinarily complex and compelling thriller." - Library Journal

"The Tourist, Steinhauer’s first contemporary novel after his award winning historical series, was a runaway hit, spending three weeks on theNew York Timesbestseller list and garnering rave reviews from critics.Now faced with the end of his quiet, settled life, reluctant spy Milo Weaver has no choice but to turn back to his old job as a “tourist.” Before he can get back to the CIA’s dirty work, he has to prove his loyalty to his new bosses, who know little of Milo’s background and less about who is really pulling the strings in the government above the Department of Tourism—or in the outside world, which is beginning to believe the legend of its existence. Milo is suddenly in a dangerous position, between right and wrong, between powerful self-interested men, between patriots and traitors—especially as a man who has nothing left to lose. " ~ publisher

Caught, by Harlan Coben

"Bestseller Coben (Hold Tight) has a knack for taking everyday nightmares and playing with life's endless "what ifs," as shown in this stand-alone thriller, a tightly choreographed dance of guilt and innocence, forgiveness and retribution." - Publisher's Weekly

"Coben is in top form exposing the dark underside of modern suburbia. The story will chill readers, especially parents of teenagers. Complex and intricate, this is his best book since Promise Me. Don't escape, get Caught." - Library Journal

"In this explosive new thriller, a reporter's investigative work has resulted in a man being taken into custody in front of a shocked television audience. But months later, she realizes she may have unwittingly been part of a grand manipulation aiming to destroy an innocent man. " ~ publisher

Crashers, by Dana Haynes

"The forensic details fascinate but aren't for the weak of stomach. Haynes (Sacrifice Play and two other mysteries as Conrad Haynes) nicely integrates several subplots involving terrorism. The slam-bang crash landing of a conclusion will leave readers anxiously awaiting the promised sequel." - Publisher's Weekly

" The plane crash scenes are extremely graphic but absolutely essential to the reader's understanding of the aftermath of a plane downed by a terrorist strike. Although the ending is just a little over the top, this thriller debut is filled with excitement and knowledge of National Transportation Safety Board procedures and problems. Highly recommended-just don't eat during the crash-scene investigation." - Library Journal

"When a passenger plane, a Vermeer One Eleven, slams into the ground outside Portland, Oregon, a team--the "crashers"-- is quickly assembled to investigate the cause. Usually the team has months to determine the cause of a crash. But this time it's different. This time, the plane was brought down deliberately, without leaving a trace, and this was only a trial run." ~publisher

Deep Shadow, by Randy Wayne White

"It's no surprise that White's long-running, always-popular series has broken through to mainstream best-sellerdom; his novels appeal on so many levels: as portraits of a steadily evolving, tough-yet-introspective hero; as eco-friendly investigations of natural Florida; and as muscular, head-banging adventure thrillers. And, now, there are sea monsters, too!" - Booklist

"Thirty minutes into what should have been an easy, beginner-level dive in a remote Florida lake, the rim of a cave collapses, trapping two of Doc Ford's friends. Ford himself manages to escape and quickly surfaces to find help-but that's when his troubles only begin.

Two men are waiting for him on the shore, and they are not the kind of men you want to meet at any time. Murderers and ex-cons, they're intent on diving to the bottom of the very deep lake and uncovering the remains of a legendary plane wreck there, supposedly loaded with Cuban treasury gold. Ford's expertise is just what they need. And if he doesn't want to help? He can die. His friends? They can die, too. In fact, they can die right now. . . ." ~ publisher

They're Watching, by Gregg Hurwitz

"Always a master of the gripping setup, Hurwitz (Trust No One) outdoes himself in this ultra-suspenseful thriller. " - Publisher's Weekly

"Scary fun, handled with skill by veteran Hurwitz" - Library Journal

"This is a very well constructed thriller, full of twists and turns and unexpected revelations. Hurwitz frequently sets us up to expect one thing but delivers something entirely different. He keeps us constantly on our toes, and this is especially good he keeps us guessing right until the very last pages about exactly who has targeted Patrick and why. Highly recommended, especially for fans of Dean Koontz, Linwood Barclay, and Harlan Coben." Booklist

"Patrick Davis is a man with troubles. First his Hollywood dreams crumble and then his storybook marriage hits a snag. Now, DVDs start being delivered to his house—DVDs which show that someone is watching him and his wife, that the two of them are being stalked and recorded by cameras hidden in their house. Then the e-mails start, and someone offers to fix everything, to take the mess his life has become and make it all right. Patrick figures it’s the offer of a lifetime. But Patrick couldn’t be more wrong. With every step he falls deeper into a web of intrigue that threatens everything he values in this world. Before he knows it, he’s in and in deep—and his only escape is to outwit and outplay his unseen opponents at their own game." ~ publisher

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