Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cookbooks for People Without...a Bunch of Stuff!

Do you find your kitchen lacking at mealtime? Missing time and/or money? Do you have only one clean pot or an empty pantry? Or worse! One could lack in multiple directions!

(or maybe you just like reading cookbooks for pleasure?)

Try one of these titles, as they cover two or more dietary deficits:

Easy One-Pot: frugal recipes for busy cooks
[Time / Budget / Cookware]

This book holds easy-to-follow recipes, supported by colour photos. The meals require two pots at most, and are based on commonly available, inexpensive ingredients.

Sounds like the meals would also be lacking? Does 'Summer Tagine of Lamb' sound like its lacking?

Food Made Fast: one pot
by Carrolyn Carreno [Time / Budget / Cookware]

Each recipe provided takes 15-30 minutes at most. With each cooked in only one pot, and much of the food storable, you save time now and later, and money. And you avoid dish-hands!
Meals that stood out to me: 'Mustard-Crusted Salmon and Potatoes', 'Chicken and Leek Pie', 'Cuban Pork Sandwich'. Enticing!

The $7 a Meal Quick & Easy Cookbook
by Chef Susan Irby [Budget / Time]

This book features an excellent section on shopping techniques, which will help cut down on your budget and your time. The real appeal is embedded in the recipes themselves.

Take the 'Taco Salad'. Eight minutes to make, at a cost of $5.36! Tortellini Alfredo with Beef: Five minutes prep time, 18 minutes for cooking, $6.85! Strawberry Angel Food Cake: Five minutes for prep, 15 minutes to cook, at a cost of $7.00!

And checkout The $7 a Meal Slow Cooker Cookbook by Linda Larsen. Nothing saves time and dirty dishes like a slow cooker, and this book saves you cash as well!

Rachael Ray's Book Of Ten
[Time / Budget / Cookware]

What a curious collection! Each sub-chapter contains 10 recipes along that theme, and among the themes are: Stetch-a-Buck Meals, One Pot Meals and my favourite, $10 Meat Meals.

And also consider one of these titles:

The Everything Quick and Easy 30-Minute, 5-Ingredient Cookbook
by Linda Larsen [Time / Ingredients]

Better Homes and Gardens' 5-Ingredient Slow Cooker Recipes
[Cookware / Ingredients]

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  1. I love reading cookbooks. Sometimes I even try a recipe or two, but I am not the best cook. My husband dutifully tries everything I make, but I seldom find a winner. SO, I think it is just me. I know it is quirky. Recently borrowed Jamie's America. Highly recommend it. He has interesting stories from each region visited. Great landscape and people photos too. It is a keeper. As for the recipes... two duds.