Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Terry O'Reilly - author reading

Famed journalist and marketing guru Terry O'Reilly will be speaking at the Keshen Goodman Public Library on Wednesday February 17th, 7:00. All are welcome.

Perhaps best known as the host of the immensely popular CBC radio1 show The Age of Persuasion, Terry has co-authored a new book with Mike Tennant entitled, The Age of Persuasion: how marketing ate our culture.

Here is the publisher's description:
"The ad men behind CBC Radio's The Age of Persuasion combine lively social history and years of industry experience to show how the art of persuasion shapes our culture. Witty, erudite and irrepressibly irreverent,The Age of Persuasion provides a hugely entertaining — and eye-opening — insider’s look at the ever-expanding world of marketing. The Age of Persuasion is for those who say “advertising doesn’t work on me” as well as those who want to understand how this industry has become inseparable from modern culture. Using their popular CBC Radio series as a starting point, Terry O’Reilly and Mike Tennant tell the fascinating story of how modern marketing came of age — from the early players to the Mad Men of the 1960s and beyond. With insider anecdotes and examples drawn from pop culture, they also probe deeply into the day-to-day workings and ethics of a business that is rapidly evolving in the age of Facebook and YouTube."

Come by the Keshen Goodman Public Library tonight to hear Terry share his insights on marketing and modern culture. Guaranteed to be both thought provoking and entertaining!

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