Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Having a Taste for Mystery - Culinary Mysteries by Diane Mott Davidson

Two of the greatest pleasures of my life are baking and reading. I love the swirl of glistening chocolate along the inside of a bowl and putting the finishing and just perfect touches on a spectacular dessert. And as for my reading, I love a dead body in my books!

For me combining the two joys is a rare event which is why I look forward to every new release by my favourite culinary mystery writer Diane Mott Davidson. She writes the Goldy Schulz series that is set in snowy, beautiful, and very dangerous Aspen Meadow, Colorado. Goldy has a loving husband who is no slouch in the kitchen himself and who happens to work for the sheriff's department, a teenage son Arch, an ex-husband named The Jerk, a gossipy and filthy rich best friend, and many other characters that populate her small town. Davidson's series began with Catering to Nobody and is now on her 16th title in the series, Crunch Time.

And if you're left wanting a little bit more at the end of one of her books Davidson includes recipes for indulgences that range from fudge souffle, to got-a-hot-date bars, and scout's brownies. So indulge a little. You're worth it! And so are these delightful mysteries.

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