Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Birthday Books

It’s my birthday and I’ll (blank) if I want to. Admit it we all have one, even if we all don’t know when it is. An example of this is the sweet little girl who comes to the library who was adopted from Sudan. Her parents aren’t really sure when her birthday is or even her true age. A lot of people have different views when it comes to birthdays; whether to embrace it or just ignore or wish it away. I embrace my age and want to celebrate. After all there is only one me and I am worth creating a fuss over, even if it is just someone wishing me Happy birthday. I don’t need the party or gifts; just the wishes make me feel happy.

It’s My F---king Birthday! is a debut novel by Merril Markoe, head writer for the David Letterman show. Taking place over a period of seven years, it details the life of an unnamed, unmarried 30-something art teacher. Her bickering, narcissistic parents, weird sex and ambiguous floral arrangements present a comic story for all to enjoy.

Molly Fox’s Birthday, by Deirdre Madden is "a novel of friendship and identity with an Irish accent" as stated "The Independent". Set on June 21st the longest day of the year, famous actress Molly is not home to celebrate her birthday. Her house is being taken care of by her friend, an unnamed playwright. Another friend, Andrew, drops off a gift for Molly and what follows is "a novel of great astuteness and felicity"

Orange prize winner, Lionel Shriver follows up her best selling novel We Need to Talk about Kevin with an equally brilliant novel, Post-birthday World. All of us have had moments in our lives in which we wonder about "the path not taken". Irina McGovern has a relationship that all her friend envy, one that is rock solid. Yet, one day she has the overwhelming urge to kiss another man; one that is a friend to both her and her husband. Presenting alternating lives where Irina chooses one man (and future) over another. Shriver has written another work that is sure to please and make you ponder what choices you might or have made in your life.

One of my favourite cult authors, Kurt Vonnegut has written a play, Happy Birthday, Wanda June: a play. The opening is "This is a simple minded play about men who enjoy killing, and those who don’t". When great white hunter , Harold Ryan, returned after being presumed missing for 8 years, one character states "not even Mutual of Omaha believes he’s alive anymore". His return causes all sort of emotions for his family. His wife , who is now engaged to another man is aghast and his son is delighted. For those fans of Vonnegut, what follows is a treat and for those who are just discovering him (as another of his titles says) Welcome to the monkey house.

So, Cheers to my February birthday pals, may you get all your wishes as you blow out the birthday candles!

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